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December 7, 2003
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I did this for my core class at UC Santa Cruz. The description follows. Geez, this took so much time to do. Enjoy.

Jeffreyís Encounter With Art
Jeffrey Faden

My final project is a 4-minute animation done in Macromedia Flash. I had my friends provide the voices, and I did all of the art, animation, writing, and otherwise directing. It took me about 72 hours of straight work (and about 200 mg of caffeine) to complete this project.

My intent in making this animation is to show that oneís identity isnít necessarily so enigmatic that it has to be conveyed through an obscure art form that often makes no sense. What Iíve seen from past personal experience is that some people try to pass off quickly-made collages or marker drawings as something deeper than it actually is.

To further prove this point, this project required the most effort Iíve ever into any project. Itís not meant to strengthen my ego in saying that all this hard work is much more important and meaningful than others that might not have taken as much time, but itís the fact that the form is animation, which I love doing, and that it conveys my identity by showing that I am passionate about what I like.

Another important aspect is the concept of humor in my work. I was originally planning on making something very different that would attempt to make people reflect deeply on it, but decided to pass that up for something that would be more enjoyable for me to make and for people to watch. And my humor is also a part of me, as Iíve written comics for years.

While this project might come off as a cartoon that ridicules the work of other people, it should also inspire thought into what the art world is comprised of, and it should show that perceptions of works of art can be extremely skewed based on the viewer.
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mashita Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
almost 10 years later… this is still true.
yf19-sama Featured By Owner May 30, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
dead link!
breakbeat Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2005
NatAsplund Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2005 lots of views... uh..... hi *sneaks away*
jamberry Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2004
Hahahahaaaa! This is hilarious!! XD

...And yet, slightly tragic at the same time because it can be so true. :( - jams
zatrix Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2004
man thats too funny, gj!!! :)
lykwyd Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2004
being a dedicated art major, i totally see your point!!!
catycata Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2004   Digital Artist
so true!
ccomett Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
Hahaha! Amazing work! Ah, the truth is pretty sad sometimes. Hehe
Awesome skills you got there :D
c2de Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003
There ARE people who do hard work without enough concepts behind it.. and that's just sucks.. this is the two most common cases on the art scene isn't it? I too, study art... well architecture and I also see this all the time with my friend so all I've been trying to do is to find that balance by putting real effords in to thinking and the hard work.. the results, I'm probably the only one in the class who hasn't got the presentation model thrown out of the window :D I'm glad that the professors still see this point clearly.

this is very nice by the way.. I like the first 'art' best, the way you move your charactor and lip-synched it so beautifully :)
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